• Hydraulics

    SVSHPL is an established leader for the manufacturing and supply of a wide range of Hydraulic presses, Press brakes and Shears, Special purpose machines (SPM’s).

  • Scissor Lifts

    From scissor lifts and telehandlers to telescopic and articulating booms, you can count on SVSHPL equipment to help improve your bottom line.

  • CompositeRebar

    A composite product provides a designed solution that surpasses the performance of the starting materials.

  • Streatch Forming

    SVSHPL offers a diverse selection of versatile sheet stretch forming presses, with a variety of options.

Our Services

SVSHPL manufactures Pultrusion machines and every other equipment used in Pultrusion operations. SVSHPL produces as well panel production lines. SVSHPL’s focus is to assist companies in the industry to achieve maximum production and/or low cost production for their fiberglass and composite products. We feel that Pultrusion is the cheapest manufacturing process for fiberglass and composites. SVSHPL Pultrusion machines come from our experience in the production of parts before we ever built any machinery. We strive to understand the process before we ever undertake equipment manufacturing.